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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a partnership where, in a time-effective manner, we help you zero in on key issues, identify what you need to reach your goals, and improve overall performance. 

By asking you direct, thought provoking and powerful questions that lead to deep reflection, you are able to identify the obstacles and barriers in your circumstances, define problem areas, clarify areas for improvement and develop an approach leading to your success in the workplace and personal life. 

We help you to build on your inner strengths and help you access your own inner wisdom rather than tell you what to do. When clients are able to discover their own solutions, they are empowered to maximize their potential and the results are longer lasting.

Ways you and your team can benefit:

  • Communication Skills
    Develop skills for successful communication including active listening, empathy, conflict resolution, negotiation and understanding different
    points of view
  • Interpersonal Relationships
    Learn effective ways of handling various dynamics where there may be unspoken conflicts or unexpressed feelings in work relationships
  • Evaluating employee problems
    Learn how to empathically interview and evaluate the difficulties employees may be experiencing and develop an action plan
  • Motivating employees
    Better understand the learning styles and specific needs of your employees and tailor your management style accordingly
  • Team Development
    Identify problem areas in your team and foster collaboration, unity and respect in your leadership role
  • Managing difficult personalities
    Understand the motivations of difficult personalities and learn how to approach them in a way that is productive and successful
  • Identifying Problematic Behavior
    Learn how to quickly identify warning signs of high risk (substance abuse, internet or other addictive behavior, etc.) or problematic
    behavior (untreated ADD/ADHD, depression, etc.) and how to respond appropriately
  • Performance Enhancement
    Improve your self confidence and overall performance in your work role using hypnosis and goal oriented approaches
  • Work and Family Life Balance
    Participate in couples counseling that specifically addresses the impact of corporate career demands on family life and stress management

We will try our best to accommodate busy schedules. Sessions can be arranged at your office, via Skype or at our office. We are excited to offer Mindfulness, Nutrition and Wellness Workshops at your worksite for your team. Workshops can be tailored based on your team’s particular needs.

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