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Reiki is an energy balancing system developed in Japan, brought to the United States by Hawayo Takata, who taught it to John Harvey Gray and others in the 1970’s.

It is a gentle, noninvasive energy transfer technique which relieves stress, anxiety, and promotes deep states of relaxation that can aid the body’s natural healing process. It can also assist in establishing positive health habits through the use of goal setting techniques. Reiki is used as an alternative or complementary therapy, and is not meant to take the place of medical care when a condition requires a visit to the doctor. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe medicine or perform medical treatment. 

It is recommended that you work with your health care professional regarding any condition you may have.

“Your body is a field of energy, information, and intelligence
capable of perpetual healing, renewal and transformation”
~ Deepak Chopra ~

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