We provide counseling for adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Our highly skilled therapists have diverse backgrounds of training and clinical experience.

Based on your particular needs, we will do our best to match you with the most suitable therapist. Our services include adolescent therapy, individual therapy, and couples and family therapy.

Adolescent and Young Adult Therapy

(for ages 12 and up)

When your adolescent or young adult is struggling, it can be very upsetting and stressful. You want to help them be happy and healthy but you may not know what to do or how to help.
We can help.

We have seasoned therapists with expertise in adolescents and young adults. These are some of the problem areas we can help with:

Individual Therapy

Therapy can be a journey of self-discovery, problem-solving, solution-finding, healing, awakening and transformation. As your therapists, we are honored to join you in this process, working together as a team to help you reach your goals.
Therapy offers many benefits including:
As therapists, we are trained in a variety of theoretical principles and we draw from these backgrounds as we tailor our approach specifically to your needs. In general, our focus is based on Positive Psychology: an emphasis on strengths, solution-oriented treatment with the present and future in mind. Our goal is to help empower you to make your desired changes, find necessary solutions and live your best life.

Couples Therapy

Given the complexities and stress of our world today, relationships and marriages face enormous pressure. As a couple, you may be struggling with communication issues, conflict resolution, illness, financial stress, infertility, parenting, infidelity, blended families, sex and many other issues.
Couples can greatly benefit from meeting with a trained couples therapist who can assist with:

Family Therapy

Families experience a multitude of stressors today including illness, conflicts, economic pressures, job insecurity and job loss, parenting, infertility, divorce and single parent households, blended families, illness, aging parents and death.

Families need a way to come together to have safe, effective conversations about the issues in a way that strengthens family relationships. Our therapists help families identify key issues and learn tools and strategies to improve overall functioning. Frequently the family goal is to experience greater harmony. When your family is working well together, then everyone benefits. We want to support your family to overcome the challenges and become stronger and more resilient.