We learn most about ourselves through our relationships.

Relationships provide a mirror through which we see ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly. Groups are a “safe haven” where you can explore more about yourself and your patterns in relationships.
Whatever challenges you face in your personal life, they will be repeated in the group process at some point. Whatever role you took on in your family of origin, there will be an opportunity in group to see it replicated and live. That is where the growth potential is. Groups are a microcosm of the real world.
Being in this safe environment with other like minded individuals eager to learn and grow allows for a place for self examination and transformation. Here are just some of the benefits of group therapy:

Self-Compassion Groups

This group focuses on applying mindfulness practices to your daily life as a path to building self-compassion and gratitude. You will learn practical skills to quiet your inner critic, learn to be more patient and kind with yourself and reduce stress. Strengthening self-compassion leads to greater happiness, increased resiliency and improved overall health and well-being. We will help you to foster a sense of self-acceptance, improving your relationship with yourself and others.

Women’s Personal Growth Group

We offer ongoing groups for those who want to work on various issues such as self-esteem, assertiveness, conflict resolution, weight and body image, relationships and intimacy, family, career, etc. Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and (IFS) Internal Family Systems are interwoven into the group process. The group atmosphere is very supportive, compassionate and empowering.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Groups

These groups are for partners who have experienced betrayal trauma in their primary relationship.

Being with others who truly understand without judgment helps partners to cope with the devastation and develop healthy coping skills to manage the painful emotions. These groups serve as a “lifeline” when partners are feeling isolated, overwhelmed and grieving. Partners need to have a safe haven where they can bring their struggles and be able to trust they won’t be judged. Instead, they will find compassion, understanding and kindness. We incorporate educational material and experiential activities as needed for ongoing healing and recovery.